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Hartford Courant, December 29, 1997

SOMERS. On Wednesday, the town is scheduled to launch its site on the World Wide Web. Computer users will be able to visit Somers [on the web]. The goal of the web page is to offer Somers residents more access to town information. Page B3

Town Gets Ready To Launch Its Web Page On the Internet By Alejandra Navarro, Courant Correspondent

SOMERS – At the start of the new year, Somers could have a new crop of visitors — via the Internet.

On Wednesday the town is scheduled to launch its site on the World Wide Web.

Once the site is running, residents who want to know when the recreation commission meets or the next election date can get the information from the web page.

Computer users will be able to visit Somers  [on the web]. The goal of the web page is to offer Somers residents more access to town information.

But in addition to general information about town organizations and committees, the web page has fun features such as a pictorial tour of the town. The site also displays a panoramic photo of the Somers’ countryside.

The site has a Somers’ history page and a list of other towns named Somers across the country. And visitors can hear a personal greeting from first selectman Richard H. Jackson III. Jackson and others present for a demonstration at the selectman’s meeting Dec. 22 were impressed with the site.

… The page is linked to state and federal government web pages and to web pages for the library and Somers High School.

… Residents who would like more information on the web page can email the computer committee… or can communicate the old-fashioned way by dropping off a note in town hall where the computer committee has a box.


Amy Terlaga writes in the Technology section of …

Connecticut Libraries Magazine, May 1997

You Don’t Need a Key, So Follow Me… Connecticut Library Home Pages The home page of the Somers Public Library features a drawing of the front of a library with the caption, “Click on the front door to enter the library.” With a click of your mouse, you are then brought to the contents of their web page, featuring information on services offered, links to search engines, and much more. This simple device of clicking on an imaginary door is an effective one. It makes obvious what the web user is prone to forget, that these wonderful resources are coming from somewhere, from the home of the Connecticut library. And without its existence and the combined knowledge and talents of its devoted staff, the library home page would not exist in the form that we see it today …

All Saints Church announces new website

All Saints Church Bulletin, March 16, 1997

All Saints On-Line All Saints Church now has a presence on the Internet’s World Wide Web courtesy of the Knights of Columbus Council 4303 and Quality Web Design. You can access our website from anywhere in the world. at SomersAllSaints.org.

Somers Public Library announces new website

Hartford Courant, February 28, 1997

Library on the Web with Own Home Page

[Quality Web Design] has helped the public library stake out its spot in cyberspace by designing a homepage on the World Wide Web.

[QWD…] created a page listing the library’s hours, services and borrowing procedures.

The library will soon be able to link to cultural and community information about Somers once the town completes its own home page, said Francine Aloisa, library director.

A link on the page enables anyone to check the availability of files in the library’s 36,000-book collection. If a book is checked out or otherwise unavailable, another link leads to the collection listings of other libraries in the Bibliomation system.